Heart. Body. Mind.

Most traditional therapy approaches work on the affective and cognitive levels (aka thoughts = mind and emotions/feelings = heart), which is awesome and has shown effective in therapy over the years. However, I've always felt there's been something missing.  

More and more research supports the integration, attunement and attention to the Body - Where do you hold your stress? Are you a jaw clencher? Is it your shoulders? What about your breath? Just some of the 'tells' we'll explore together.
I know that this connection might make total sense with something like chronic pain, but even more interesting, is that the Body plays an important role for processing and moving through anxiety, phobias and trauma too!

We'll get into all this in more depth in therapy together, but the basics include the sympathetic nervous system, interoception (that is, sensing the body and having body awareness), fight-flight-freeze-submit responses and physiological arousal (sweating, shortness of breath, increased heart rate, tummy flips) all playing an important role in guiding our thoughts and emotional responses.  

If we attend to the Body's 'tells' of stress and coping (as I call them), we can harness the power of the Body's physiological responses for 'good', and simultaneously,  support and compliment the emotional and thought-based work we're doing too.

Heart Body Mind reflects a more comprehensive, and encompassing approach in psychotherapy for Anxiety, Trauma, Phobias, Stress, and Life!