You got this.

It takes courage and vulnerability to reach out and ask for help. You've already taken an important first step in 'choosing you' by coming to this website to find more information. Know that I take my role as a psychologist to heart and I feel immensely privileged to work with the clients that I do.  

I am inspired by my clients day in and day out; clients who come in thinking that they'll never get their lives back, that they'll forever be under the weight of anxiety or the gripping fear of trauma or phobia, and as we process together, in time there is a shift, and it is beautiful, wondrous, and so darned awesome to witness client's reconnecting to their loves, passions, activities, and realizing goals they never thought possible previously.  AMAZING!

I get it. 

I know and understand from prior personal experiences with seeking help for my anxiety and onset of chronic pain when I was 18 just how important it is to feel safe, supported, comfortable, and connected with your psychologist.  As such, I offer a FREE 45 minute consultation to start. This is a great way for us to meet and connect so that you can learn more about my approach, and that I may learn more about your needs, wants, and goals of therapy.   

And as always, if what brief information I've shared here on my website resonates with you, and you want to chat further before booking anything, please feel welcome to connect by

phone: 403-775-0554 or email: meg[at]