Individual Practice
I currently offer private, individual yoga and mindfulness-based sessions, working with each client to create specific series of shapes and forms to address such conditions as anxiety, trauma, and chronic pain. 

Yoga = Movement Therapy
My yoga offerings are not exactly what most folks might think of when they think of 'yoga' and 'yoga studio classes'. Rather, my practice and focus is grounded in my specialized Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Teacher Certification that I completed through the Trauma Centre in Boston, MA, my Psychological study of the nervous system and body in therapy, as well as my Movement for Trauma training and Movement studies with such incredible teachers and mentors as Brea Johnson (Heart & Bones Yoga), Jane Clapp (Jane Clapp - Body Intelligence for Trauma and Mental Health), and Jeff Mah (The Yoga Lounge). 

My Movement for Trauma and Anxiety work incorporates various practices that might appear to fall more in a rehabilitative style approach incorporating tools such as therapy balls, dowels or rollers, fidget cubes, pressure point release activities, sandbags/weighted blankets, and more fun tools that focus on accessing and releasing nervous system dysregulation that underlines our anxiety, trauma, and other psychological distresses  (aka don't worry - just because it's called 'yoga', we won't be doing handstands or pretzels hehe). 


Intersections of Psychology & Yoga
Depending on a client's needs, I may also incorporate yoga and movement into my psychological services, working from a Trauma Sensitive Yoga approach and an integrated Sensorimotor Psychotherapy/Body Psychotherapy approach to honour where "the issues may be found in the tissues" and work with the body's nervous system to encourage and support system regulation - be it through relaxation training, breathing, or actual movements that we create together in a safe, supportive, and therapeutic way.

Questions? Inquiries? Want to Book a Session? 
Due to the customized and individual nature of my Yoga session offerings, please contact me directly to connect on any questions, rates, and to confirm your Yoga session.

I would be honoured to work with you and look forward to connecting with you further:
 email: meg[at] or calling: 403-775-0554

My Yoga Story

I first started practicing yoga in 2012, and instantly connected to the beauty of the movement, the stillness of the mind, and the power of the breath. I decided to take my first 200 hours level training to deepen my understanding, knowledge, and connection to pranayama, asana and movement, philosophy, and meditation. 

I live with inflammatory arthritis and anxiety, and find that yoga can be very helpful in managing both, in addition to the myriad of other health benefits to come from yoga; be they physical, emotional, or spiritual.

In 2014, I completed my 200 hours yoga teacher training in Banff at the Bija Yoga School, establishing my teaching foundation in vinyasa flow practice, pranayama, and meditation.  I have completed a 15 hours Yin Yoga training with Carly Forest, and I completed my 100 hours Advanced teacher training called the "The Modern Teacher" with Jeff Mah, Lydia Zamorano, and Brea Johnson. 

Most excitedly, I realized that my love of yoga and trauma therapy could combine in the form of Trauma Sensitive Yoga, and I completed my first two days of "Integrating the Body into Therapy" in Boston, MA with David Emerson and Dr. Elizabeth Hopper at the Trauma Centre.  I loved the tenets, principles, and intention behind Trauma Sensitive Yoga so much that I applied and was accepted into the Trauma Sensitive Yoga Teacher Training program out of Boston, MA. I completed the program and was awarded my certification in Spring 2017. YAY! I love learning and cannot wait to share and integrate these teachings with my clients and students!

I enjoy continuing my studies, taking workshops and trainings whenever possible to ensure that I provide my clients and students safe, supportive, and helpful strategies to manage, cope, and improve their resiliency through movement, yoga, and breath. 

In combination with my psychological practice working with adults living with Chronic Pain and Psychological Trauma (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders [PTSD], Adjustment Disorders, Acute Stress Disorders, Anxiety), I've seen the crucial connection between heart, body and mind that exists. I work from a perspective of honouring and bringing the body into practice to compliment and support the emotional (heart) and cognitive/neuroplasticity (mind) therapy processes that we engage in together. 

I love the combination of yoga flow movement, breath, and restorative release, especially incorporating the use of props like wooden dowels and yoga therapy balls, which I provide and share with clients/students during our sessions. 

I look forward to connecting with you to chat and explore how my approach to yoga might serve you in your healing and wellness goals. 
~ Megs