My Approach

I work from a strengths-based, client-centered approach that meets you where you are at without judgement, and then we work together to support you and challenge you to get where you want to be and even then some! 

I believe that Self Care isn't Selfish (ask me about my Oxygen Mask First Principle), that 'should've, would've, could've' does not serve us, that self-compassion and self-love are some of the hardest steps to take but oh so necessary in our healing, that Vulnerability is a gift and not a weakness.  I also believe and *know* from direct experience with clients over the years that we can learn not only to manage through adversity (anxiety or trauma, etc) but to also come through the process thriving - a concept referred to as Post-Traumatic Growth.  

I am here for you.

I believe it is a true honour and a privilege to be chosen to hold space for my clients as you grieve, process, and come to thrive through the pain; to bear witness without judgement and with admiration as you so boldly examine your shadow side and the darkness that can fill our hearts as we are humans; to watch in awe as you choose you and work so darned hard to cultivate and create the life you want for yourself; and to be the one to be your mirror, unwavering in my reflections back to you and encouragement for you to see the beauty, the light, and the amazing strengths you have just as you are, but knowing that right now, it might be hard for you to see that on your own. 


I won't mislead lead or set false expectations - the work we are going to do together will be at times challenging and hard - emotionally, physically, and mentally; and it will also so wonderfully worth it when you get through the other side. Knowing this, we work together and I follow your lead, meeting you where you are at, yet challenging you to extend and grow with, and beyond, the discomfort. 

Based on my experience and my studies, I offer a wide breadth and depth of knowledge, skills, and resources that I look forward to sharing with you. Each tool and strategy we use will be customized for you to ensure that you leave your sessions with me with something that you feel confident in trying on your own between appointments.  And yes, a key component of our work together is that you as the client is actively engaged in treatment even between our sessions - there will be homework and activities offered for you to work on independently. My clients who complete their homework between sessions find greater results as they find this supports greater resiliency, independence, empowerment, and sustainable personal growth.